Political Owner
The Tirano Empire

Main sources of Income

Aprox. Inhabitants
5000. 60% Humans, 20% Elves, 10 % Dwarves, 5% Gnomes and 5% Other.

City Map

You have lived here for the most of your lives. The people are hard, but warm. It is one of the main trading hubs between the civilized world and the wilds. It forages exotic components from the forests and mine the vast and rich mountain ranges.


The feast is upon us! Hooray! The whole city is bursting with anticipation and mouths are salivating with the thought of all that good food!

A new creature has been seen in the mountains immediately to the north of Tewhos. Miners report seeing a thin, lumbering shadow sneaking around the edges of light and muttering to itself.

A hunting party is missing in the woods to the south east! They should have returned a week ago.

Places of interest

Tirano Soldier Response HQ.
This is the law in Tewhos. They regulate taxes, keep the roads maintained and acts as a city watch. They are understaffed and don’t have much resources so they use freelancers sometimes to clear up some trouble. Well worth to visit if you’re looking for a job.

Tewhos Arcana Doctrina
A branch of Arcana Doctrina which is the cooperative organization of all arcane spell casters in Tirano. They are tied hand and foot to the Tirano Empire and may act with force to defend its interests.

The Well of Faiths
This is the local church. It is not dedicated to a single god since there are so many different believers in Tewhos and in Tirano generally. Here you can seek guidance, pray or make a sacrifice to the god of your choosing. Appropriate rooms and vestments may be loaned.


The Notes to Herald a New Age Veteran_Dungeon_Master