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  • Rockheim

    *Political Owner* Cooperating Clan Society controls the city and the immediate lands around it. *Main sources of income* Engineering Craftsmanship Invention *Aprox. Inhabitants* 85,000 souls. 87% Gnomes, 10% Dwarves, 3% Other.

  • The Gnomes of Rockheim

    The Gnomes of Rockheim _Political World Map Color: Yellow (Includes the lavaflow)_ They are a clan society in which they have a council of clan elders. Honor and personal achievements determine the stature of the various clan elders. The more an elder …

  • Gnomes

    The Gnomes roam far and wide through the lands. They are almost always joyful and full of funny little ideas. They love to tinker and work with their hands. They don't seem to be very organized, but you have heard of a Gnome nation to the east where your …